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The Copper Alloy Wire is relative with the civilization of human, no matter in industry or in daily life, it could not be separates away from our life at any minute. The products have been selling in domestic and overseas for over 40 year. And the quality and skills are affirmed by the customers. We will keep striding for the goal of dedicating high quality products in the future.

Free Cutting Brass Wire & Rod
Excellent Cold Forging And Good Machining. Use for Motorcycle and Bicycle Joint Nut.
Copper Alloy Wire
Attractive golden color, good machining, de-zincification and stress corrosion, suitable for electrical parts, fastener industrial and luxury hardware .
EDM Wire
Grain size uniform, good electric conductivity, lees powder, well heat-ventilation and excellent for auto feeding .
  • Relevant Forms
  • Cutting precision
Copper Anode
The whole processing under non-Oxygen condition .Grain size uniform, well dissolved, no diverged form, copper ion stable dissolved, Copper Anode suitable for PCB industrial plating, Brass Anode suitable for golden color plating .
Soudronic Can Welding Wire
High purity ETP copper is used to guarantee a consistent product for the welding of 3 piece cans.